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Don’t get intimidated….this is a checklist that will be helpful.

1)  Step up to the Plate and VOLUNTEER…..

2)  Attend Skills Dates to help put teams together.

3)  When the team you are helping to COACH is completed…Gather player information like phone numbers email, if travel, also need birth certificate and picture ID.   ATTEND BBC MONTHLY MEETINGS.

4)  Work out Practice dates with the Athletic Director.

5)  Be Punctual when practices are scheduled to begin.

6) Make sure any equipment needed for the sport you are coaching is made available. (Keys for storage bins if baseball, basketballs and soccer balls, baseball equipment which includes bats, balls, and catcher’s mask, pads, etc.)

7)  Of course many of the above will need to be returned after the season.

8)  Travel coaches may need to attend league meetings and coordinate getting referee/umpire fees through the respective ATHLETIC DIRECTOR.

9)  Once league schedules are made available, distribute copies.

10)  Get parents involved with some of the non-coaching things like making copies, cleaning up afterward, and picture day envelopes just to name a few ideas.  Lining fields can be something parents and coaches can work out.

11)  Picture Day involves a team photo where a photographer is made available by the club.  Once the date is provided players will need to be notified and envelopes made available.


12)  Players need to be contacted many times during the course of the season.  Some coaches have email lists set up for ways of communicating things like: practice is cancelled due to rain; game has been changed for inclement weather, etc. Someone must do this so it is best to work it out in advance which coaches will handle or split it up in some fashion. PROVIDE CONTACT INFORMATION!!! (ONE CALL OPTION)

13)  Enjoy the season---Have fun, teach the players to have a great attitude and stress Teamwork is what it is all about!

14)  Conclusion of the season make sure all team pictures are distributed, equipment that is necessary to collect is addressed, banquet dates if applicable are attended, contact information is maintained for the future if necessary.



Thanks for taking the time to Coach!!!!!!!!!!

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