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Phillies RBI Info

Since the Bengals are a Phillies RBI organization we are required to have our families register with the Phillies this year.   Please follow the information below to verify that your whole team has registered.

New Coach Registration:

  1. Go to the website:

  2. Click sign up on the top right

  3. Fill out information for yourself

  4. Go to Leagues and click “Register” for your league

  5. Select sign up as staff member

  6. Enter the name of your league, including specific age group

  7. Go to your team and see your roster

General Info

  • Tball is played on the field at the end of our fields by the Pep Boys.

  • Please make sure that bats are only in the hands of the child batting.

  • All equipment is kept in the box behind the Tball cage. If you do not have a key, please contact the Boys AD for one.

  • TBall is strictly instructional.  Please make sure it is enjoyable for all.  Everybody hits!! WooHoo!!


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