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About Us

The Bustleton Bengals Club is a non-profit youth athletic organization that has been teaching the values of athletics, sportsmanship and community since 1956.  The governing body, the Board of Directors, it's coaches and many other participants that see to the task of organizing and running each function are all VOLUNTEERS . This spirit of community is what makes our club work and also encourages our youth as we

believe in leading by example! 


Our approach to youth athletics is quite simple, yet complex. We realize, as should you, that our young athletes are very impressionable and we strive to teach the essence of sports;


Tradition - Skills - Sportsmanship - Teamwork - Fun


We offer excellence in athletic training for GIRLS and BOYS in our Towne and Travel leagues featuring Baseball, Softball, TeeBall, Football, Cheerleading, Soccer, and Basketball. Ages 4 years old and up are encouraged to sign up. We are proud to boast a complete coaching curriculum from ages 4 and up. We also feature complete coaching clinics for all of our volunteer coaches to insure the values of our club and its curriculum is a constant.


In closing, we believe that the Bustleton Bengals Club offers the best in Youth Athletics! We encourage you to give us a try and understand that we take the responsibility of your child very seriously. We also encourage our Parents to lead by example and get involved in our club! We invite you to attend ALL of our monthly membership meetings!

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"A Lasting Legacy"

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Welcome to


Police Officer

John Marynowitz Gym

at Hayes Playground

Thanks to all those who joined us at the grand opening of our new gymnasium.  Special thanks to the city officials and uniformed officers who joined and participated in this special day.


The NEW John Marynowitz Gym at Hayes Playground


​After years of fundraising and planning, the Bustleton Bengals will welcome the grand opening of our new gymnasium and playground.  Through the hard work and dedication of our late president Kevin Hughes, Sr., our Gym Director Vince Tarducci, Councilman Brian O'Neill and other members of the Gym Commitee and board, we are finally near the home stretch.  The kitchen is now under construction and the playground should be under construction soon enough.  Thanks to all who supported this endeavor by attending events and donating to the fund.  We will forever be grateful.

Contact Us


If you have a question/concern/complaint, please contact us via the "Contact Us" section.  If there is a specific board member you would like to reach, please click on their name for a direct email link. (right click the name to copy the email address)

Bengals Board
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