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I have created 3 drawings, each is a specific type of device (a dryer, a vacuum cleaner and a fridge) and each drawing has a specific layout. I have managed to do this with Microsoft Visio but I want to use in-house software called Graphing. The problem is, Graphing only allows a single layout, which means I have to set all the machines to be laid out the same way and then copy the layout to the next machine that I am drawing. What I want is a way to copy from a layout (layout can be a.path,.drawing and just paste it onto the new device (the devices are all drawn in a separate document). I was thinking I could use the Inkscape program but I am not sure if that would work since I can't seem to be able to select the devices from Graphing. Thanks A: You may be able to make the device objects/group not selectable by using some of the approaches listed here: Objects not selected in Visio When drawing on a new device, you will not be able to paste a layout (path, drawing, etc) unless you first use the Copy option to copy the drawing. Copy [to] Clipboard Press Ctrl-C to copy to the clipboard. Select the drawing or shape that you want to copy. Press Ctrl-V to paste to the drawing or shape that you copied. Copy [to] Drawing Select the object that you want to paste into the drawing. I'd be sure to use the "Copy to Drawing" option instead of "Copy to Clipboard" as you're likely to get pasting errors when you're copying objects to a new device. Thursday, June 7, 2008 This Time We'll Do It Right I've mentioned before the silly trend of acting like a child, and now it's the President's turn to play his hand. Today the President insisted that he did not know the name of Al Gore's daughter, or the name of Ralph Nader's daughter (neither of whom have been mentioned in the media for the past 24 hours). Pres. Bush: I did not know this. I don't know the name of Ralph Nader's daughter.




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Origin Graphing Software Crack
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