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We use the "One Call" system to enhance our ability to communicate with our members. Now we can spread the word quickly and efficiently with one uniform recorded message/email.  It will be used for, but not limited to: Sports Team Announcements, Fundraising Events, Cancellation Notification, Membership Meetings, and Happenings at our Club.  This is a useful tool for providing fast and easy communications within our Organization.
If you would like to be added or removed from our phone/email system please send your name, phone and email to
City Councilman Brian O’Neill pledges funding of $900,000.00 for the Bengals NEW GYM !
We still need to raise more! Join our GYM committee and get involved!! 
Bustleton Bengals GYM INITIATIVE

Next Meeting 
Sep 9, 2014

Need new equipment?
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valid 2/15 - 12/31/14
Coming soon.
Start getting you unwanted clothes ready. Will we be having a clothing drive on the day of our Football Homecoming!!!

     7 am to 4 pm President St & Conwell Ave


CLOTHING - Usable and wearable clothing and shoes (men, ladies, children)

ACCESSORIES – pocketbooks, belts, baby accessories, backpacks, hats, scarves, briefcases, gloves, ties, 

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS- blankets, sheets, curtains, tablecloths, pillows, towels, small rugs, quilts, comforters, pots, pans 

TOYS – soft toys, hard toys, children activity sets, beanie babies, rag dolls, stuffed animals, action figures, cars, trucks, airplanes, doll houses, dolls, outdoor bicycles of any size (hard toys should fit a box 24” x 24”

VCR tapes, CDs, books, oversized play sets or outdoor play sets, car seats, workout/ exercise equipment
All donations must be in a tied trash bag. The BBC will receive payment based on price per pound
So clean out your garages, closets, basements and help the Bustleton Bengals at the same time. 

If you can not drop off your donations during those hours, call Chris Tarducci @ 215-906-8179
for possible pickup. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

 Picture Schedule 
Homecoming 2014  

Picture TimeTeam
8:00Pee Wee (Daryl Davis)Football

8:20Little Guys A (Dolan)Football

8:40Pee Wee Team 1 (Mary)Soccer

8:50Towne Team 1 (Eric Wenger)Soccer

9:05Towne Team 2(Joe Dydak)Soccer

9:15Towne Team 3 (Mark)Soccer

9:30Towne Team 4 (Rob)Soccer

9:40Towne Team 5 (John/Tim)Soccer

9:55Pee Wee Team 2(Eric)Soccer

10:00Jr. Pee Wee (Neil)Football

10:30Pee Wee Team 5 (Stephanie)Soccer

10:40Pee Wee Team 6 (Masso)Soccer

10:50Little Guys C (Wayne)Football

11:10Pee Wee Team 7(Frank)Soccer

11:20Mighty Mites (Byard)Football

11:40Cadets (Glenn)Football

12:00Pee Wee Team 3 (John)Soccer

12:10Pee Wee Team 4 (Ryan) Soccer

12:30Bandits (king)Football

12:55Jr Midget (Trampee)Football