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We use the "One Call" system to enhance our ability to communicate with our members. Now we can spread the word quickly and efficiently with one uniform recorded message/email.  It will be used for, but not limited to: Sports Team Announcements, Fundraising Events, Cancellation Notification, Membership Meetings, and Happenings at our Club.  This is a useful tool for providing fast and easy communications within our Organization.
If you would like to be added or removed from our phone/email system please send your name, phone and email to
City Councilman Brian O’Neill pledges funding of 90% for the Bengals NEW GYM !
We still need to raise more! Join our GYM committee and get involved!! 
Bustleton Bengals GYM INITIATIVE

Next Meeting 
Dec 2, 2014

Need new equipment?
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valid 2/15 - 12/31/14
Valid 10/17 to 11/13/2014
2014/15 Bengals Basketball

Basketball Skills Days for the week of November 17th
-All practices start at 6pm

Girls Ages 7 & up @ Baldi

Boys Ages 7/8 and 10 @ Baldi on Wednesday and Thursday 

Boys Age 9 @ Baldi on Tuesday and @ Anne Frank on Thursday 

Boys Ages 11/12 @ Baldi on Tuesday and @ Anne Frank on Wednesday  

Boys Ages 13/14 and 15/16 @Northeast on Tuesday 

Ages are based on your child's age as of August 1st. A 7 year old is one who was born on or before July 31, 2007. If your child was born August 1, 2007 he/she would be considered 6 years old.

The Bustleton Bengals Board would like to wish everyone a safe & Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
The Bustleton Bengals are proud to say that we have 4 teams playing this weekend in the NESAC Football Championships.

The Bandits (6 &7 yr.olds) are playing Saturday @ 9:30 @ Lincoln High School field vs The Swaghawks

The Cadets (9 &10 yr.olds) are playing Saturday @ 12:30 @ Lincoln High School vs Olney Eagles

The PeeWee’s (11 & 12yr.olds) are playing Sunday @ 1:00 @ Northeast High School vs Lower Makefield

The Jr. Midgets (12 &13 yr.olds) are playing Sunday @ 3:00 @ Northeast High School vs Bristol 

The Bustleton Bengals Board Members are wishing all of our teams Good Luck!! Go get ‘em Boys!!!!!!

2014 Towne League Champs is the orange team coached by coachs Jay & Mark