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We use the "One Call" system to enhance our ability to communicate with our members. Now we can spread the word quickly and efficiently with one uniform recorded message/email.  It will be used for, but not limited to: Sports Team Announcements, Fundraising Events, Cancellation Notification, Membership Meetings, and Happenings at our Club.  This is a useful tool for providing fast and easy communications within our Organization.
If you would like to be added or removed from our phone/email system please send your name, phone and email to
City Councilman Brian O’Neill pledges funding of 90% for the Bengals NEW GYM !
We still need to raise more! Join our GYM committee and get involved!! 
Bustleton Bengals GYM INITIATIVE

Next Meeting 
Nov 11, 2014

On the agenda: Nomination for the 2015 Bengals Board
Need new equipment?
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valid 2/15 - 12/31/14
Valid 10/17 to 11/13/2014

Homecoming 2014  
   Winning Basket #'s

Eagles Chair #0020713
Origami Owl #0020757
Lottery Basket #0020702
Currans Basket #0029952
Under Armour Basket #0020768
Movie Basket #0029709
Soccer Basket #0020763 

Now accepting registration for boys and girls basketball Ages 4 to 15. 
Travel and Towne League.

2014/15 Bengals Basketball