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We use the "One Call" system to enhance our ability to communicate with our members. Now we can spread the word quickly and efficiently with one uniform recorded message/email.  It will be used for, but not limited to: Sports Team Announcements, Fundraising Events, Cancellation Notification, Membership Meetings, and Happenings at our Club.  This is a useful tool for providing fast and easy communications within our Organization.

If you would like to be added or removed from our phone/email system please send your name, phone and email to register.bustletonbengals@gmail.com
City Councilman Brian O’Neill pledges funding of $900,000.00 for the Bengals NEW GYM !
We still need to raise more! Join our GYM committee and get involved!! 
Bustleton Bengals GYM INITIATIVE

2014 Bustleton Bengals Beef & Beer
Next meeting May 6th , 2014
We are one step closer with our GYM project!!
We have selected a contractor!!!
Need new equipment?
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valid 2/15 - 12/31/14
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  I would like to thank everyone who made our Beef and Beer a success. Over 450 organization members and friends joined us on March 7 to help raise funds for the gym. Guest speakers Councilman Bryan O’Neill, State Representatives Ed Neilson, Brendan Boyle, and Kevin Boyle presented their ongoing support with our project. I would like to thank John McNeseby, Steve Whieler, and the FOP for hosting the event. I would like to especially thank the Bustleton Bengals board & those who had a hand in organizing this wonderful event. This fine night brought us one step closer to our ultimate goal of building a gym for our children and generations after.
            For those of you who were unable to attend, it was announced that our gymnasium would be named after Officer John Marynowitz, who was Officer Hayes’ partner on the night of the tragic incident. The Bustleton Bengals believed it would be a true honor to bring these two heroes together again. Once again, thank you for your continued support. Make sure to look for groundbreaking soon!  
                Kevin Hughes
                BBC President

BIG Thank you!!!!!
Unclaimed Raffle Basket Winning Numbers:
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Bike:  0029885

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Adventure Aquarium:  0029917

Scrap Book:  0029909

Clementon Park:  0029908

Baskets can be claimed Monday - Friday
from 6 - 8 PM at the Snack Bar.